Support the Festival

How to support the Festival?

Help us to bring in world-renowned international speakers, to finance the arrival of students, teachers or school audiences, to highlight living art at the festival (visual artists, but also actors, musicians, dancers) , to offer practical workshops and prize giving.

Contribute to the influence of art history by participating in the success of the only event dedicated to the discipline in France and the largest in Europe. Associate yourself with a reference event that has been able to retain its audience: festival-goers, more than 90 % satisfied, want to come back the following year.

All you need to do is contact the INHA with Veerle Thielemans (scientific director of the festival) or at the château de Fontainebleau with Damien Heurtebise (general delegate of the festival) and Guillaume Dinkel (head of the patronage service, the development of the estate and institutional relations at the Château de Fontainebleau). A meeting can be organized to discuss the possibilities allowing you to support a Festival action!


As a company, in accordance with article 238 bis of the CGI, you can benefit from a reduction in corporate tax (IS) or income tax (IR) equal to:
• 60 % of the amount of the donation made in cash, skills or in kind up to 2 million euros of annual donations;
• 40 % of the amount of the donation made in cash, skills or in kind beyond 2 million euros of annual donations (with some exceptions).

The annual ceiling for donations giving rise to the tax benefit is €20,000 or 0.5 % of turnover (excl. VAT), when the latter amount is higher. If this ceiling is exceeded, it is possible to carry forward the excess tax reduction for the next five years.

Individuals making a donation to the Art History Festival benefit from a reduction in their income tax equal to 66 % of the sums paid, within the annual limit of 20 % of taxable income (art. 200 of the CGI) . In addition, if the ceiling of 20 % of income is exceeded, the benefit of the reduction can be carried over to the following 5 years.

In accordance with article 978 of the CGI, the person liable may deduct from the property wealth tax, within the limit of €50,000, 75 % of the amount of donations in cash and donations in full ownership of securities of companies admitted to trading. on a French or foreign regulated market carried out for the benefit in particular of research or higher education establishments or non-profit general interest artistic education establishments such as the National Institute of Art History.


Compensation in communication and public relations is offered to patrons of the Art History Festival. In accordance with custom, these counterparties must be “disproportionate” and may reach 25 % of the amount of the donation. For individuals, the value of these rewards is capped at a flat rate of €65. The counterparties can take the following forms.

• Communicate about your activities and your company : presence of your logo and/or mention on all or part of the event’s communication media: presence at the main entrance, invitation card, press release and press kit, programme. .including on the website and on social networks ;
• You are associated with the promotional actions carried out by the castle towards the press, its networks of influence and the general public:
→ organization of conferences and press trips ;
→ joint production of a press release ;
→ film and photographic coverage of the Festival ;
• In the context of a donation equal to or greater than €100,000, the Château de Fontainebleau shows its gratitude to the patron by writing his name on the plaque dedicated to Major Patrons.

• Privileged access to the Festival and its highlights for you and your guests
• The château de Fontainebleau and the Institut national d’histoire de l’art offer their patrons the possibility of organizing exceptional events (cocktail, evening, symposium, meeting, concert,
visit…) within their prestigious spaces.
• Privileged tours of the château de Fontainebleau and the National Institute of Art History can be organized outside public opening hours, led by tour guides and curators.

• We can provide you with royalty-free photographs of the Art History Festival for your communication media: reports, newsletters, greeting cards…;
• Possibility of benefiting from passes allowing you to visit the château de Fontainebleau during opening hours and/or provision of exhibition catalogs for your customers or employees ;
• You can organize conferences or events at your head office ;
• Implementation of actions aimed at people who are impeded and distant from culture.