In the south of North America, to the north of South America, bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the west by the Pacific, Mexico has a culture crafted from meetings and mixings. It draws from a great diversity of cultures, whose continuity deserves attention. Inventiveness with old practices and new forms is visible in all artistic fields, from architecture to decorative arts and design, from visual to performing arts, from cinema to popular arts.

Through researchers, museum professionals and guest artists, many speaking in Spanish, the history of Mexican art will be explored during three full days of offerings aimed at shattering stereotypes and exploring the wealth and diversity of this country. 

FHA24 presents an opportunity to discover a history of Mexican art at once conscious of the expression of local identity and characterized by cross-cultural exchange over a long chronology, running from Mesoamerican archeology to contemporary work. We will not only look to the past but also embrace the most current creations: performances, exhibitions, and contemporary artists will showcase the Mexican art and crafts of today.